Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All my pretty, pretty ribbon......

Do you have a lot of ribbon? Hey! Come back here! I'm talking to you! Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Don't whistle and turn your head. Quit looking at your feet. How about some pride in ownership?

The other day, on the MM forum, I posted a question about ribbon. I was curious to see how my peeps were using it and storing it. Ribbon can really take over your scrappy area, if you let it. I had two rather largish baskets full, overflowing and knotted. So when I stumbled across these ribbon cards by Cropper Hopper I bought a bunch. Okay, so I bought way more than I needed. Just by eyeballing my baskets I thought I had at least 200 spools of ribbon. By the time I had condensed everything down, it was about half that.

The multitasking wonders of these little cards just don't quit.
First of all, they have these really cool teeth in the middle of them. You pop the end of the ribbon into the teeth, bend the card a little to secure, and just wrap your pretties around. When you get to the other end of the ribbon you can either secure that end into the teeth as well; or you can use a straight pin.

Second is functionality. It's condensed. There are sixty spools in the box pictured. I only put ribbon that was a half yard or more on the cards. (I have a jar for anything smaller. Also you can easily see what you have. And they are good for travel. I recently packed up the whole box in my XXL. Now how often can you cay that you took sixty spools of ribbon to a crop??? Oh and that box, it's smaller than a shoe box. Well at least shoes that fit my feet, anyway.

Taking a premade kit to a crop? Pick out the right ribbon before hand and just slide the card into your page protector. Nice 'n' flat, thank youoooooo very much.

So there you have it! No knots, no unruly spools. Nice and neat. Ribbon my way!

BTW: here's the linkie where I ordered them. I don't think they have these cards anymore, but they do have other really good deals. I got mine for - are you ready??? - 25 cents per pack!!!! But that was about a year ago. I have seen these at Hobby Lobby, so maybe check there.

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