Monday, June 11, 2012

Favorite Frogs

As a kid, I always luuuuurved frogs.  Catching frogs in the pond, and toads in the garden; was a favorite pastime of mine.  Adventures of Frog and Toad was one of my favorite story books. What other animal can look cute and pissed off at the same time. And maybe I kissed a few of them when I was a kid.  And what's better than a teensy little baby frog? And what about frog legs?  Yes I went there. Better than chicken, but only iffin' you gigged them from a farmer's pond. The one's you get a restaurant are kind of grodey....

Anyways.....I really really really like African Bullfrogs.  I just think they are amazing. They are so big!  Like Frisbee sized hold them with two hands lunch platter big.  Not that I would want to put them on a platter, they are just too dang cute for that!

Now click on this picture to get a close up.  Don'cha just want to pick them up and just squeeeeeeeze them?  Don'tcha just want to rub their soft rubbery underbellies? Don'tcha just want to give 'em a little sugah? (I don't think they are poisonous. yikes!)

I took these pictures at the NewPort Aquarium while on fall break last year. The aquarium had a whole section dedicated to frogs, along with a lot of interactive activities for the kids. 

And no layout is complete without a cluster of buttons and other junk.  Actually, I think that little black thingy is a tiny rubber tire from a toy car.  IDK, I just found it in the button box and went for it!

Want a few gems of African Bullfrog knowledge?  Click here! and here too!   the second link has actual pictures of people holding these sweeties!


  1. Those frogs are so cute... I don't know about picking them up, they look like they are made of brass - HEAVY!!!

    Love the buttons and stuff! Very cute.

  2. Susan, you crack me up. Those suckers are huge! The one's that give me the heeby jeeby's are the males that have the eggs on their backs and all those holes make me want to scratch them off with my nails. Great lo, and I love the buttons.

  3. Wow! Those are some big guys! My son had some tiny frogs when he was in elementary school. Somehow I'm the one that always wound up feeding them.

  4. I had little African Dwarf Frogs years and years ago, they were fun. When they floated around in the water, they looked like they were laughing. Still, out of all the frogs in the world, I much prefer Kermit.
    Great layout! Those are some awesome buttons!

  5. My frogs are prettier than your frogs! hahaha
    I really like that striped paper you use to give the layout some color. Works perfectly. draws your eye right to the picture. I like the die cut you made... and you are the queen of button cluster! Your colors all work so well together.